"I'm leaving it-agile". "You've gotta be kidding".
In the last six years I was lucky to be part of the greatest agile shop in Germany. We don't just sell agile in our products. We truly believe in them. You can see this in our daily work, in our communication with each other and especially in the type of our company: it-agile is an employee owned company and every single employee has the opportunity to play an important role.

So why am I leaving? First of all I want to make sure that I am near my family. Although I was quite lucky, arranging the traveling with a healthy family life is quite a challenge. The second reason is the opportunity at my new company.

I would really like to thank everybody at it-agile. It was fun and exciting years. I learned a lot and it was great working with you! I wish you all the best. I know that you are going to stay the agile market leader. For a good reason.

So my new company is Adcloud. An exciting advertising technology company which builds the worlds first open advertising ecosystem. I am going to join the team as the technical product manager and will help grow agile development. I am so looking forward to this exciting company and my new colleagues.

Hope to see you soon everybody. And keep coding.