Update: I have posted my experience report: http://luebken.com/?p=120

I am a little proud to announce the launch of my first web2.0ish web application: Wishzettel.com
The basic idea is to enable collaborative granting of wishes. If a big celebration from one of my friends is coming up we usually get a big present. While preparing for the event there are basically two questions that have to be answered: First: What do we get? and second: Who wants to participate with what amount? Wishzettel helps answering these questions.

I’ve mainly done this application by myself. I’ve used GWT and Grails and I am pretty happy with the developing experience. An detailed developer report will follow.

Right now Wishzettel is in Test-Phase (not even beta). Which means I am testing if anyone but me is interested in this idea. So please do me a favor and give it a try: http://wishzettel.com